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7 months ago

Are you stressed out? Dr Kam Wong will share with you effective ways to manage and overcome your stress!!

8 months ago

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Sunset, boats and water: the perfect atmosphere for that mindful relaxation!

8 months ago

Tackling school refusal and mental issues among youths – Metro News | The Star Online

Healthy Mind Concepts reaching out to youth in Penang

SOME 50 teachers and counsellors gathered at a forum in Penang to discuss mental problems which are preventing children from attending school.

9 months ago

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Teaching on “Building Resilient Children and Adolescents” at the Help University, Kuala Lumpur.

9 months ago

Caring for one another is the core element in humanity, says Ramasamy

School Refusal is as much a problem in Penang as in Australia. I spoke about the different Mental Health issues and problems which contribute to School See more

MENTAL health, which is deemed as the most crucial aspect in determining an individual’s overall well-being, was once being overlooked but it has now gained serious attention globally. With more See more

9 months ago

Photos from Healthy Mind Concepts’s post

Teaching on the complex problem of School Refusal in a special Symposium in Penang which was officially open by the Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Penang

9 months ago

Are you registered for this Symposium? Whether you are a parent or a professional, this Symposium will equip you better to deal with young people.

9 months ago

Healthy activities: the source of life!!

9 months ago

Summer is the time to top up your “sun therapy”. 30 minutes of sunlight a day helps to increase Vitamin D production, increase your Melatonin level, readjust your circadian rhythm, improves the See more

9 months ago

Photos from Healthy Mind Concepts’s post

Teaching on “Bringing up Mentally Healthy and Psychologically Resilient Children and Adolescents” in China

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