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We are living at a time of medical and technological advancement. People generally are enjoying better health and living longer. The advent of biotechnological and genetic research makes the total eradication of physical diseases and further prolongation of life a real possibility.

Unlike physical health, psychological health is a relatively neglected area by the health authority and the general public. Many people take a great deal of time and effort in caring for their physical health but not their psychological health. The sad reality of an increasing rate of depression among the world population and an earlier onset of childhood depression show that more can be done to help people lead a happier life.
Healthy Mind is the Web site dedicated to increasing public awareness of the importance of psychological health and helping individuals to achieve optimal psychological health. This site is where you can access information and products which help to nurture the psychological health of your family, especially your children.

Healthy Mind is the Web site of Healthy Mind Concepts Pty. Ltd. and is linked to, the Web site of Dr. Kam Wong. The material on this site is published with the sole purpose of promoting psychological well being. The users, however, must exercise their discretion in deciding the suitability of the material for themselves.

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